111 Pound Weight Loss in 1 Year (#293)

This awesome dude has done an absolutely incredible job of losing over 100 pounds in just one year! We are so impressed with his weight loss transformation – good on you, mate! It’s amazing to see what a profound effect the simple combination of clean eating, cardio and strength training can have on the body.

Strength training is incredibly important to build muscle and rev up that metabolism. Eating well is of course incredibly important too. We hope this inspires you in your weight loss journeys!

This guy lost over 100 pounds in just 1 year. He says it took ‘a whole lot of determination and discipline’

Weight loss: 111 pounds

Before weight: 247 pounds ~ After weight: 136 pounds

Weight loss method: Clean eating, cardio & strength training

Time taken to lose weight: 1 year

Height: 175cm

“Finally after 11 years of being the fat kid, I can proudly say that I have achieved the unachievable New Year’s resolution – losing weight. It took cardio training, strength training and clean eating – and a whole lot of determination and discipline!”