33 Pound Weight Loss Before & After (#292)

This lady lost 33 pounds through the classic combination of healthy eating and exercise. The weight loss is clearly visible on her face! We’re very happy for her and couldn’t agree more that enjoying the process is a big key to succeeding in your weight loss journey. Changing your eating habits can be a very enjoyable and liberating process, as long as you come at it with the right attitude, which she clearly did! Regular exercise was also key to her transformation, as she states below.

This lady lost 33 pounds and says that ‘it’s about letting yourself enjoy the process’

Weight loss: 33 pounds

Before weight: 232 pounds ~ After weight: 199 pounds

Height: 170cm

How she lost weight: The main thing was changing her eating habits for the better: she cut out processed, fast food and stopped eating sugary sweets every day. She also started going to the gym every day to help build muscle tone and boost her metabolism.

“Dedication, motivation, trial and error… It’s about letting yourself enjoy the process instead of focusing on how much you still have left to go.”

Source: http://myhappyhealthyfitness.tumblr.com/