48 Pound Weight Loss in 6 Months (#291)

Sarah, age 20, lost 48 pounds in just 6 months and is a shining example of how moderation really is key to achieving sustainable and long-term weight loss. Despite having struggled with her weight all her life, she finally learnt that getting enough of the right foods and exercising was the perfect combination to allow her to get into the shape she’s always wanted.

In the past, Sarah used to go through periods of starving herself and then bingeing, with her weight constantly fluctuating as a result. After a relationship breakup last year, everything took a turn for the worse.

After months of being incredibly unhappy and not taking good care of herself, Sarah decided to make a change. She realised that she was missing out on life and knew that she didn’t want this to be the case for one second longer. She started to eat healthily and more importantly, she was eating enough. In the past she had eaten too little and over-exercised, only to exhaust herself and then give up! But this time she took a much more balanced approach and as a result, saw the results that she so longed for. Well done Sarah!

Sarah lost 48 pounds in six months. She says ‘set your goals and work a little towards them everyday’


~ Sarah, 20 ~

Weight loss: 48 pounds

Before weight: 199 pounds ~ After weight: 151 pounds

Time taken to lose weight: 6 months

Height: 165cm

What she eats for breakfast: Instant oats with almond milk , cinnamon, banana, strawberries, almonds, dried fruit & two pieces of 85% dark chocolate over the top. This is equal to roughly 500 calories.

“The oats are so quick, yummy and keep me full for ages! I was someone who always struggled with breakfast. I remember many days of skipping it, or just having a 75 calorie yoghurt, because I thought that would be the right way to go. But I never had any energy and was permanently starving! I feel so much better every day when eating like this as I have so much more energy –  I can actually work out and feel great and healthy continuously throughout the day.”

Sarah on cheat days: Sarah doesn’t believe in cheat days because they don’t make her feel good. Instead, she prefers to have the odd treat every now and then, as part of her new balanced lifestyle. She loves chocolate and so finds that melting a square of dark chocolate over her oats in the morning helps to satisfy her craving and stops her from feeling deprived.

Sarah on staying motivated: Sarah emphasises that the key to success is to make some progress every day, no matter how small. She also uses visualisation to reach her goal, imagining how happy she will be when she reaches her ideal weight and can finally say that yes, she made it, all by herself!

“I’ve thought about giving up many times, but I just came to the realization that giving up is not going to make me happy. And yes it is really, really difficult, every day, more than most people can imagine, but you just have to keep going. I’ve had my share of bad days but remembering they’re only 24 hours long, and knowing that you can start afresh the next day, helps so much. Don’t try and set unrealistic goals – just little ones that keep you motivated. No one is perfect, but you just have to keep going.”

After Weight Loss

Source: http://train-harder-everyday.tumblr.com/