52 Pound Weight Loss in 6 Months (#297)

Daniel lost 52 pounds in just 6 months and is a great example of how enjoying life can be the secret key to sustainable and successful weight loss!

For him, focussing on living a fuller, happier life was the key to his weight loss success. Rather than restrict the types of foods he was eating, he instead focussed on having smaller portions and took the time to really savour his meals. At the same time,  he also took up kickboxing and before he knew it, his new-found passion was taking up so much of his mental energy that food simply became an afterthought!

Finding a passion, or taking the time to do things that you really enjoy and that fill you with excitement, is a really great way to take the focus off food and instead to channel your energies into something constructive. So often, food is used as a comfort when life is unexciting or stressful. Daniel is a perfect example of this and we are so happy for him that he achieved his dream body.

Well done Daniel, we’re super impressed and happy for you!

Daniel lost 52 pounds in 6 months and says ‘the key for me was taking the focus off food and putting it towards being happy and healthy’

~ Daniel, age 26 ~

Weight loss: 52 pounds

Before weight: 212 pounds ~ After weight: 160 pounds

Weight loss method: Kickboxing and smaller food portions

“I started kickboxing and became so focused on my improvement that food was only an afterthought for sustenance. The key for me was taking the focus off food altogether and putting it towards being happy and healthy.”

Source: email submission