80 Pound Weight Loss in 1 Year (#295)

William did an exceptional job of losing 80 pounds in 1 year. His before and after transformation photos are a true inspiration! He began to work out 5 days a week and combined this with a healthy diet. Not only this, but he also stopped snacking late at night.

Since losing the weight, William says that he has a lot more energy to play with his young daughter. He also finds that his back doesn’t hurt as much as it used to.

Fantastic job, William – you must be so proud! And it’s so lovely that the weight loss has not only benefitted you personally but will have also been a huge benefit for your daughter. Well done!

William lost 80 pounds in 1 year
He says that since losing the weight he now has more energy to play with his daughter

~ William ~

Weight loss: 80 pounds

Before weight: 330 pounds ~ After weight: 250 pounds

Weight loss method: regular exercise (5x per week) & healthy eating

Time taken to lose weight: 1 year

Height: 185cm

Source: email submission