Andy, age 22, lost 80 pounds in total by following a low-carb diet.

He says: ‘I worked incredibly hard losing nearly 50 pounds in 3 months but I always tell people I would not recommend it at all; this was very difficult, you will lose muscle quickly and it can make you feel outright terrible. I had a lot of fat on me so loosing it quick really wasn’t as hard as someone who doesn’t have a lot of expendable fat to lose already.’

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Anon, age 29, lost 50 pounds and has kept it off for over two years by counting calories and regularly going to the gym.

She says: ‘I do not believe in fasts or fad diets and refuse to even try one. I always try to think ‘permanent’ when I adjust my diet in any way – if I can’t realistically see myself doing it forever, then I won’t do it at all. The way I see it, by following temporary diets, you’re only temporarily keeping the weight off.’

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~ Diane ~

Weight loss: 97 pounds

Start weight: 235Ibs ~ End weight: 138Ibs

Time scale: 3 years 3 months

She says: ‘Work harder and push longer. You can do more than you think you can. Stick with it and remember… it does NOT happen overnight, but it WILL happen if you are dedicated. Strong is the new ‘skinny’.’