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Weight Loss Before & After (280)

280-weight-loss-before-after-women-tonedWeight loss: 30 pounds

Start weight: 150Ibs ~ End weight: 120Ibs

Time taken: 9 months

She says: ‘I’m officially down 30 freaking pounds!!!  This has been an enjoyable journey for me, I’ve really grown to love a healthier lifestyle. My plans for the future are to lean out even more and lift heavy to prepare to compete in the NPC bikini class.’


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Weight Loss Before & After (276)


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Weight Loss Before & After (263)

Esme, age 15, lost 36 pounds in 3 months.

She says: ‘The first month was definetly the hardest – I wanted to quit, but I wanted to prove everyone wrong as well. I am in the process of learning to love my body. I’m learning to love the fact that even at 120 pounds, I have stretch marks, that my stomach isn’t perfectly flat, that my legs aren’t sticks, and that I get stomach rolls when I sit down. But I also learned that if I don’t love my body at 156 pounds, I won’t love it when I’m 120 pounds.’

Click here to read Esme’s weight loss success story & nine weight loss tips.

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Weight Loss Before & After (256)

Andy, age 22, lost 80 pounds in total by following a low-carb diet.

He says: ‘I worked incredibly hard losing nearly 50 pounds in 3 months but I always tell people I would not recommend it at all; this was very difficult, you will lose muscle quickly and it can make you feel outright terrible. I had a lot of fat on me so loosing it quick really wasn’t as hard as someone who doesn’t have a lot of expendable fat to lose already.’

Click here to see his diet & exercise regime in detail and to see more transformation photos.

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Weight Loss Before & After (255)

~ Jennie, 20 ~

Weight loss: 2.4 pounds

Start weight: 117Ibs ~ End weight: 114.6Ibs

Time taken to lose weight: 3 months

Height: 5′ 4.5″

She says: ‘Three months of living a healthier lifestyle, lazy/”unhealthy” days included! Just wanted to share this because it’s amazing to me to see the progress I’ve made. I don’t care about the weight, I just put it there to keep record of it.  And to show those who are looking to lose weight that muscle really does matter!  I’ve only lost 2.4 lbs, and look at the difference.  Don’t let the scale dictate your happiness, and don’t be discouraged if you’ve been feeling lazy or haven’t been eating the best!  Just keep going!’


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