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Weight Loss Before & After (269)

Anonymous, age 20, lost almost 15 pounds in 3 months by eating more healthily and working out.

She says: ‘I literally just started running 5 days a week, stopped drinking alcohol every night, stopped drinking soda 3-5 times a day, started taking the stairs, and started being conscientious of what I was eating (e.g white bread vs. whole grain). I stopped eating out of boredom and started working out. It’s as simple as that.’

Click here to read more about her weight loss success.

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Weight Loss Before & After (245)


Caro, age 23, lost 13 pounds in 6 months by eating a healthy diet of 1400 calories.

She says: ‘When I first started my weight loss, it was because I hated what I looked like. I exercised every second I could and became obsessed with counting calories. After about two weeks of feeling terrible, I realized my sights were set on the wrong goals, so I started a journey towards self-love. Eating healthy is fantastic, but remember to enjoy life too!’

Click here to read more about her weight loss succes & to see more photos.

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Weight Loss Before & After (216)

Weight loss: 15 pounds

Start weight: 110Ibs ~ End weight: 95Ibs

Time taken to lose weight: 6 months

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Weight Loss Before & After – Video (9)


Louis Skebo lost 15 pounds and lost 6 inches from his waist by following P90X for 4 months.

He says: ‘My results are better than I could have hoped for. LIFE IS GREAT! I could never have done this without the help of my beautiful wife, my two awesome boys, and of course… P90X!’

Click here to see more of his before & after photos and to watch his video.

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Weight Loss Before & After (166)

Weight loss: 15 pounds

Start weight: 141Ibs ~ End weight: 126Ibs

Time taken for weight loss: 5.5 weeks

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