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Weight Loss Before & After (267)

~ 19 ~

Weight loss: 20 pounds

She says: ‘So from the beginning of high school to the end I lost roughly 20 pounds, which most people don’t notice, but now that I see it like this, it’s so obvious in my face. The first one if from sophomore year, and the second is from freshman year in college, post work out.

All I did was start to eat healthier, and once you start eating healthier, you start to only craving that. Of course I still eat my junk, but the balance between the two has shifted greatly. That and exercise!’

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Weight Loss Before & After (259)

Weight loss: 22 pounds

Start weight: 152Ibs ~ End weight: 130Ibs

Time taken to lose weight: 1 year 3 months

She says: ‘I lost a total of 22 pounds and two sizes. It might look like more because of muscle gain. I don’t want to be embarrassed of my body or of my achievements. I can’t believe I looked that large back in 2011. A lot has happened since – I lost some, gained some, then found my right track in October 2011. I don’t have photos that represent it very well, because I’ve always been too self-conscious to take any, but it shows.

It’s all do-able, my friends. It wasn’t even that difficult. You just have to know you want it, then go out and do it.’

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Weight Loss Before & After (258)

Weight loss: 23 pounds

Start weight: 158Ibs ~ End weight: 135Ibs

Weight loss method: Running & calorie-counting

Time taken to lose weight: 1 year

She says: ‘No crazy fad diets, just counting calories and running 6 times a week!’

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Weight Loss Before & After (249)

~ Kellie Pickler, 25 ~

Weight loss: 20 pounds

Height: 5′ 1″

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Weight Loss Before & After (237)

Anon lost 29 pounds by doing high intensity cardio and eating healthy foods.

She says: – ‘The photo above is being used on Pinterest and Tumblr to sell some sketchy diet plan/website. That sucks, because I lost these 30 pounds by eating healthy food, exercising daily and drinking a lot of water. No pills, no trendy diet, no fasting, no special drink or supplements, nothing. Just healthy living’.

Click here to read more about her weight loss success.

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