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Weight Loss Before & After (235)

Lindsay, age 30, lost an amazing 116 pounds in 11 months.

She says: ‘Over the last 11 months, I’ve transformed my life and transformed myself. I’ve done things I NEVER thought I would do, let alone want to do and enjoy doing. I’ve lost the voice that said, “I can’t” and gained the voice that say, “I can and I will!”’

Click here to read about her weight loss success and to see more before & after photos.

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Weight Loss Before & After (214)

Weight loss: 50 pounds

Weight loss method: Weight Watchers

Time taken to lose weight: less than 5 months

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Weight Loss Before & After (177)

~ Youlanda, 34 ~

Weight loss: 146 pounds

Start weight: 292Ibs ~ End weight: 146Ibs

She says: ‘I got tired of the yo-yo. I looked at all these different options … I thought, why not sidestep the surgery and learn to eat the right way? So I took action, working out at Curves and following Weight Watchers. Before, I stayed home a lot. Now I don’t mind going out – I can dance the Wobble!’

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