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Weight Loss Before & After (246)

Anon, age 29, lost 50 pounds and has kept it off for over two years by counting calories and regularly going to the gym.

She says: ‘I do not believe in fasts or fad diets and refuse to even try one. I always try to think ‘permanent’ when I adjust my diet in any way – if I can’t realistically see myself doing it forever, then I won’t do it at all. The way I see it, by following temporary diets, you’re only temporarily keeping the weight off.’

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Weight Loss Before & After (143)

213Ibs ~ 142Ibs

Scott, age 28, lost 71 pounds and 10.5 inches from his waist after working out with Turbo Jam and P90X.

He says: ‘I look forward to working out everyday and inspiring others to reach for their fitness goals. With my physical transformation also came a priceless change in life perspective, as I now recognize the things that are most important in my life and not to “sweat the small stuff” that really doesn’t matter in the big picture.’

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Weight Loss Before & After (72)

Stacy lost 40 pounds in 5 months after hiring a personal trainer to get her into shape for a figure competition.

She says: ‘I was not used to setting goals for myself and not reaching them. I sat down one day to make a new list of goals. What did I really want for myself? And then it hit me. The reason I reach my goals is because there is always a reward waiting for me when I get there. Sure, being healthier and fitting into cuter clothes is a great reward, but at the time I couldn’t remember what that felt like.  I needed something bigger. A figure competition! With my goals now crystal clear, I got busy.

Click here to read Stacy’s weight loss success story and to see more before & after photos.

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