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Weight Loss Before & After (283)

283-weight-loss-before-after-womenWeight loss: 65 pounds

Start weight: 220Ibs ~ End weight: 155Ibs

Height: 5′ 11″

She says: ‘I’m 5 pounds from my goal weight and I would be lying if I said this wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever done – but it’s been incredibly rewarding.’

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Weight Loss Before & After (150)


Philip lost an amazing 127 pounds in 11 months after realizing that he was seriously at risk of developing diabetes.

He says: ‘My life has completely turned around. Never would I have thought that I would be studying to be become a personal trainer and a state finalist for the 2012 Healthy Life Awards. Now, almost 128 pounds lighter and 20 inches smaller around the waist, I’m doing everything life has to offer. I believe health and fitness is central to all other successes.

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his seven tips on how to overcome binge-eating.

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Weight Loss Before & After (138)

Kelsey, age 20, lost 35 pounds by eating clean and exercising regularly.

She says: ‘Do not get discouraged! I’m telling you, that’s the number one setback. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to give up when the scale wouldn’t budge. Slip ups are okay and will happen, but just keep pushing through. Seriously: don’t get frustrated, it’s an annoying process, I know.’

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