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Weight Loss Before & After (266)

~ Gemma Arterton, Actress ~

Height: 5′ 7″

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Weight Loss Before & After (245)


Caro, age 23, lost 13 pounds in 6 months by eating a healthy diet of 1400 calories.

She says: ‘When I first started my weight loss, it was because I hated what I looked like. I exercised every second I could and became obsessed with counting calories. After about two weeks of feeling terrible, I realized my sights were set on the wrong goals, so I started a journey towards self-love. Eating healthy is fantastic, but remember to enjoy life too!’

Click here to read more about her weight loss succes & to see more photos.

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Weight Loss Before & After (222)

Weight loss: 60 pounds

Start weight: 180Ibs ~ End weight: 120Ibs

Height: 5′ 7″

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Weight Loss Before & After (88)

Nabil lost 47 pounds in two years after he began to run.

He says: ‘I started out running with one goal: lose weight. Now it’s become more than that, it’s become my life. Everything in my life revolves around running. Now I’m faster, stronger, a Varsity runner, but most importantly.. I’m happy.

Click here to read his weight loss success story.

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Weight Loss Before & After (57)


K, age 20, lost 41 pounds.

She says: ‘Throw away the scale for a while. I’m serious! Put your scale out of sight. Focus on how you feel and how you look instead of what the number is on the scale.’

Click here to read more of her weight loss tips and to see more before & after photos.

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