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Weight Loss Before & After (284)



284.3-weight-loss-before-after-womenTotal weight loss: 55 pounds

Highest weight: 170Ibs ~ Lowest weight: 115Ibs

Diet: Clean eating & cardio

Time taken: 10 months


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Weight Loss Before & After (280)

280-weight-loss-before-after-women-tonedWeight loss: 30 pounds

Start weight: 150Ibs ~ End weight: 120Ibs

Time taken: 9 months

She says: ‘I’m officially down 30 freaking pounds!!!  This has been an enjoyable journey for me, I’ve really grown to love a healthier lifestyle. My plans for the future are to lean out even more and lift heavy to prepare to compete in the NPC bikini class.’


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Weight Loss Before & After (272)

271-weight-loss-before-after-women-skinnyIsadora lost 70 pounds in 8 months by creating a calorie deficit with healthy foods and running every day.

She says: ‘I didn’t tell anyone I was dieting and I admit that these days were difficult: I spent all the time thinking only of numbers and caloric values​​. But honestly? I would do it all again, over and over and over and over.’

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Weight Loss Before & After (245)


Caro, age 23, lost 13 pounds in 6 months by eating a healthy diet of 1400 calories.

She says: ‘When I first started my weight loss, it was because I hated what I looked like. I exercised every second I could and became obsessed with counting calories. After about two weeks of feeling terrible, I realized my sights were set on the wrong goals, so I started a journey towards self-love. Eating healthy is fantastic, but remember to enjoy life too!’

Click here to read more about her weight loss succes & to see more photos.

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Weight Loss Before & After (242)

Kaddy lost 68 pounds in less than 11 months by eating 1200 calories a day of healthy foods and exercising.

She says: ‘I really didn’t know how much my face had changed until I ran across my old pictures from the beginning of last summer. I finally realize I have something to be proud of. I can finally say I have done what I always felt was the impossible. All I have to say is never give up, no matter how cliché it may sound, the day will come where all your hard work will pay off. The frustration and the pain of the workouts won’t matter because you can finally say you are happy!’

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