Weigh Down Diet Before & After – 85 Pounds (#5)

5-weight-loss-before-after-women-over-30~ Heather, 36 ~

Diet: Weigh Down Diet

Weight loss: 85 pounds  (kept off for 12 years)

Start weight: 195Ibs ~ End weight: 110Ibs

She says: ‘I learned that there are two types of hunger. One is real hunger in the pit of your stomach; the other is an empty feeling you think is hunger — and it’s something food can’t fill. Now I treat my body like a car and only give it fuel when it’s empty. And here’s what I was surprised to learn: I feel full even when I eat small portions. Four weeks after my first child was born, I was back in my size 4 clothes.’

Her weight loss tip: ‘Serve food on saucers or salad plates, so you’re forced to dish out smaller portions.’

Atkins Diet Before & After – 50 Pounds (#4)


~ Amanda ~

Diet: Atkins Diet

Weight loss: 50 pounds

Time taken to lose weight: 1 year

She says: ‘The best news is that when I started my weight loss journey, I found out I was a Type 2 diabetic and would be going on insulin if I didn’t make some changes – just ONE year later, I am not on any medication for diabetes, and my blood tests basically show normal readings! My blood pressure has also returned to normal! I’m thrilled and so happy.’

Raw Food Diet Before & After – 45 Pounds (#3)


Jo, age 30, lost 45 pounds on the Raw Food Diet.

She says: ‘My weight has been a complete obsession of mine, but now it no longer haunts me. I now feel so nourished I hardly ever over eat. I have peace of mind and clarity about all aspects of my life. This is a revelation. I am so happy I discovered raw.’

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Dukan Diet Before & After – 56 Pounds (#2)


Agathe, age 23, lost an amazing 56 pounds in less than 5 months by following the Dukan Diet.

She says: ‘Motivation is absolutely crucial, mine has never wavered and that is what I’m most proud of. The pounds just dropped away, and all the misery too – I have never felt so at one with myself as I did during these 5 months of diet!’

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Weight Watchers Before & After – 90 Pounds (#1)


~ LeAnne Richards, 48 ~

Weight loss: 90 pounds

Diet: Weight Watchers

She says: ‘I joined Weight Watchers and promised myself I would attend all the meetings. I also diligently tracked everything I consumed and maintained a one-hour daily regimen of riding my bike or walking.’

Her weight loss tip: ‘Find an exercise buddy—it not only keeps you motivated but also makes exercising more fun!’